Free Excel, R and Python Resources

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Below is a list of handpicked awesome and free resources to learn the most popular Data science tools: Python and R.

Python Books:

Think Stats: Exploratory Data Analysis in Python (Downey, 2014)

Learn Python 2 The Hard Way (Shaw, 2016)

Intermediate Python (Ullah Khalid, 2017)

Other Resources

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R Books

Introduction to R (R Core Team, 1999)

SimpleR (Verzani, 2001-2)

The Art of R Programming (Matloff, 2009)

The R Inferno (Burns, 2011)

The R Book (Crawley, 2013)

Introduction to R (Vaidyanathan, 2014)

Excel Books

Excel 2016 for Windows keyboard shortcuts

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